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Which exercises and activities to do to tone your stomach

In order to lose the body fat that has appeared in this area it’s a simple case of burning calories. Some simple cardiovascular exercises are best for this.

Something like walking, swimming, aerobics classes, or the gym is great. Start with a time and level that you feel comfortable with and gradually progress until you can complete around 30 minutes continuously. Once you can do this, you can begin making the sessions harder without taking up more of your time.

To tone the tummy muscles, try a simple exercise like the plank. This exercise works deep abdominal muscles that compress and flatten the tummy and help with good posture.

Lay on your tummy with your head resting on your hands and your back in its natural position (neutral spine). Imagine you have a drawing pin on the floor under your tummy and draw the belly button in so that your tummy lifts up off the floor and doesn’t touch the drawing pin.

As you do this, ensure that you breathe normally and maintain the same position of your spine. Hold this for around 10 seconds, and then release.

As this gets easier you can lift up so that you rest on the elbows and knees. A further progression is to extend the legs and rest on the elbows and toes.

When you progress, make sure the elbows are below the shoulders and that you are still breathing normally. Ensure you maintain the neutral spine position.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition or are pregnant, this type of exercise is not recommended.