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Health links: Our recommended health websites to help you get the most out of your health, whatever your circumstances.

Health links to help you get the most out of your health

Our selection of interesting health links from informative health websites from around the world. If you run a website and would like to have your health links considered for inclusion, please add a link to before contacting us using the HTML code below.

Hip Replacements
Guide to hip replacement surgery and details of specialist consultants.

NHS Conditions
Health conditions researched and the best information online from the National Health Service (NHS).

Diabetes Mine
Diabetes Mine is wonderfully written and insightful. Blog entries detail exactly what it’s like to live with diabetes- from the need to inject and the importance of watching what you eat.

Wrong Diagnosis
An informative health website – includes a list of questions a doctor would ask a patient to determine a diagnosis.

Stupid Cancer Blog
Regularly updated with the latest cancer-related news stories and insights into the disease, the Stupid Cancer Blog is a firm favourite among our picks of the best health blogs.