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What we do

The Mayday Radiology Department uses state of the art technology to provide the following services:

  • Plain X-rays (including Dental X-rays).
  • Ultrasound Scanning.
  • CT Scanning.
  • MRI scanning.
  • Specialized interventional radiology procedures.
  • DEXA Scanning.
  • Mammography.
  • Cardiac Angiography.

The Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) is now Trust wide; allowing Clinicians instant access to radiology images 24 hours a day.

How are we improving our service to you?

The way we store and access your x-rays and scans is changing. Since 2005 the trust has used the NHS Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). By storing your images digitally on a secure PACS database, they can be more easily accessed by the health care professionals involved in your care. This can help to improve both the quality and speed of your treatment.

Your digital images will be available much more quickly because they do not have to be transported by hand.  Digital images can be examined at the same time in different places. 

We will increasingly be able to share these digital images with other hospitals who may be involved in your healthcare. We  work on the basis that our patients automatically consent to sharing images and reports in this way  on the understanding that it is  for the purpose of  healthcare and that we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your images and reports are not  seen inappropriately by people, including members of staff who have no need to access them. 

If, for example, your doctor wants to get the views of experts at another hospital, both clinicians will be able to view the images, and discuss your case simultaneously. This can lead to improved diagnosis and better care.

Will my digital images be held securely?

Your imaging record will be held on a secure PACS database. The NHS uses the strongest protections available; they meet the highest international standards and provide a more secure environment than the current paper and film based filing systems.

How can I find out more?

We have introduced the NHS PACS service to make your care as safe and efficient as possible. If you  have any concerns about the images being held on a database talk to a member of staff.  They can explain more about how the new PACS service operates and help answer your questions. If you do not wish to participate we can still treat you, but we will explain the difference it could make to your care. That way, you can make an informed decision.

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