Chaplaincy Volunteers

There are 4 distinct groups of Chaplaincy Volunteers:

            1. The Ward Chaplains

            2. The Eucharistic Ministers

            3. The Sunday Chapel Volunteers

            4. The Chapel Musicians.


The Ward Chaplains

Our ward chaplains are assigned to a ward each and have the responsibility for visiting weekly on that ward. Theirs is an unhurried bed-to-bed ministry contacting and befriending those with faith and those without, offering a confidential listening ear and pastoral and spiritual care.

Ward chaplains are drawn from a variety of Christian denominations. To become a member of the team individuals must:

  • Complete the initial training course (over 10 weeks) satisfactorily.
  • Be accepted by the hospital after a six month probationary period.
  • Be accepted by the full time chaplains as suitable and safe people to practice.
  • Have written recommendation from their own priest/minister.
  • Be willing to undertake ongoing training in the role.
  • Adhere to the Healthcare Chaplaincy Professional Code of Conduct

To view the code of Conduct click on this link:

Details of the chaplains on each ward are displayed outside the chaplaincy office, in the hospital chapel and on each ward.

Usually ward chaplains visit once a week and attend an evening training session each month.

Two of our team are pictured here at one of the training evenings.Chaplaincy team volunteers

There are currently no vacancies for ward chaplains but to find out more information or to be placed on the waiting list for future training courses please contact the Chaplains on 020 8401 3015.


The Eucharistic Ministers:

Our Eucharistic ministry team members are drawn mainly from the Roman Catholic and Church of England Churches. They visit, usually at weekends, to take the sacrament to the bedside of those too unwell to attend the Chapel Service. Such ministry is both a privilege and a responsibility calling for people of prayer and sensitivity.

Those wishing to be Eucharistic Ministers must fulfil the requirements of their denomination and have the written recommendation of their own priest. Church of England Eucharistic Ministers may also need the approval of their parochial church council.

Hands receiving communionThe RC team are supervised and supported by Fr Francis Moran and Sr Sheila, the Anglican team by the full time chaplains and undergo such initial and ongoing training as is felt appropriate. The role is specified fully in the job description and contract and all Eucharistic Ministers agree to abide by a strict code of confidentiality.

The Sunday Chapel Volunteers

Our Sunday Chapel Volunteers usually commit to a Sunday each month arriving at the hospital around 9.15 to collect patients from the wards and bring them in wheelchairs to the Chapel. Volunteers have pastoral responsibility for patients during the service attending to their practical needs, serving tea/coffee after the service and then returning the patients to their wards. The role is specified fully in the job description and contract and all Sunday Chapel Volunteers agree to abide by a strict code of confidentiality.

Chapel Musicians

Our musicians commit themselves to a Sunday each month and provide the music for the service accompanying the hymns and playing during other parts of the liturgy. At the moment we have pianists, guitarists and singers among our volunteers.

For further information on any aspect of Chaplaincy Volunteer work in Mayday please contact 020 8401 3105

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