Hindu Visiting Team

OmThe Hindu visiting team was first commissioned in May 2005, Mayday being one of the first hospitals in the country to have such a team.

Each member of the Hindu team has undergone a training course (10 weeks) and is recognised by their own community and by the hospital as representatives of the Hindu faith.

A member of the Hindu team is usually on site on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and may be contacted at other times through the Chaplaincy Office.

The team are here to support and encourage all our Hindu patients and their families. They are also able to offer advice around religious ritual, for example the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one. They have access to copies of the Hindu Scriptures and other devotional material which may be borrowed during a hospital admission.

One of the team is pictured here preparing for his ward visiting. Hindu team member

To request a visit for yourself or a member of your family, or with any requests for information, please contact the Chaplaincy office on 020 8401 3105.

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