Other Faiths in the Community

Faith symbols in blueThe Chaplains and the Chaplaincy office are contacts for our local multi-faith community.

If you would like to contact a local representative of any faith community, please ask us – we have contact details for people who will come into hospital to see patients or their relatives or carers.

Our contacts include those for:

·        Baha’is

·        Buddhists

·        Christian Scientists

·        Greek Orthodox

·        Hindus

·        Jehovah’s Witnesses

·        Jewish

·        Muslim

·        Polish Roman Catholic

·        Quakers (Society of Friends)

·        Sikhs

·        Spiritualists

·        Unitarians

Please note that as well as an on site Christian Chaplaincy Team we also have a Hindu Visiting Team and a Muslim Visiting Team who visit regularly.

We do not have a separate multi-faith prayer room at Mayday. People of all faiths are made welcome in the Hospital Chapel. To discuss your prayer/worship needs please contact us (020 8401 3105).

Other information is available from:




For any further information contact the Chaplaincy Department.



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