The Chapel and its services

Mayday Chapel exteriorSt Barnabas Chapel, the Hospital Chapel, is a freestanding building near to the Post Graduate Medical Centre and the Woodcroft Road entrance to  Mayday.

It is open daily for peace and prayer and is used by patients, visitors and staff of all faiths and none. It is accessible to wheelchair users.

Currently the chapel is the only dedicated place of prayer and reflection within the hospital – we do not have a multi-faith prayer room . Accordingly members of all faith communities are made welcome and provision made for their prayer (Muslim prayer mats are available for example as well as the scriptures of most of the main faiths).

When the Chapel is locked Security can be approached to open it for families in times of need.

Services in the ChapelMayday Chapel interior

Sundays 10a.m.

On Sunday mornings there is a service of Holy Communion led by one of the Chaplains.  All patients, visitors and staff are welcome to attend. The service usually lasts up to an hour and is followed by refreshments for those who wish to stay.

Radio Mayday arranges for the service to be broadcast on Patientline.

A Roman Catholic Eucharistic minister is always present so that Catholics attending the service can receive the reserved sacrament from the Tabernacle.

Help Getting to the Chapel:

A team of Chaplaincy Volunteers can provide wheelchair transport to and from the Chapel. If inpatients would like this assistance, please contact the Chaplaincy Office (020 8401 3105) and leave details of the patient’s name and ward. You can also ask a member of the ward staff to notify the chaplain.

Bedside Communion:

For patients too unwell to come to the chapel the sacrament can be brought to them on the ward. Depending on their denomination a member of the R.C. or Anglican Eucharistic Ministry teams, will visit. Most bedside communions take place on a Saturday or Sunday but patients can request holy communion on any day. To request bedside communion please contact the Chaplain (020 8401 3105) giving details of the patient’s name, denomination and ward. You can also ask a member of the ward staff to notify the chaplain.

Daily Prayer:

At 1pm on weekdays there is five minutes of silent prayer for the hospital, its staff and patients. This is concluded with the Prayer for Mayday.  All are welcome to attend.

Roman Catholic Mass:

Mass is usually celebrated in Chapel on major feast days and on Fridays during Lent. For details please contact the Chaplaincy Office (020 8401 3105)

Thanksgiving After Birth:

We offer a short service of thanksgiving at the bedside for parents rejoicing in the safe arrival of a new baby. Contact the Chaplain to arrange a convenient time for you (020 8401 3105). Parents are welcome to contact us before coming into hospital to discuss the service.

Other Services:

The chaplaincy provides a number of other services and forms of prayer ministry both in Chapel and at the bedside including:

  • Prayer for healing with anointing
  • The Sacrament of the Sick (for Catholic patients)
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Thanksgiving for Recovery

The Chapel may also be used by patients and staff for special occasions such as the renewal of marriage vows, the blessing of a marriage, naming ceremonies, thanksgiving and memorial services.


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