Cancer services

What we do

People with suspected cancer will come to Mayday University Hospital for an initial appointment and diagnostic procedures (such as scans, X-rays, blood tests).

People needing radiotherapy will receive this at the Royal Marsden Hospital

Most patients requiring chemotherapy are sent to the Royal Marsden Hospital except haemato-oncology (blood cancers) and bladder cancer who will be treated on a special ward at Mayday.

If surgery is necessary most people can be treated at Mayday with the exception of:

  • Complex urology, head and neck cancer and lung cancer – who will be referred to St George’s Hospital
  • Upper gastro-intestinal cases (stomach and throat) who will be referred to specialists at the Royal Marsden Hospital.
  • Women with complex gynaecological cancers will be referred to either St George’s or the Marsden.

The Macmillan Cancer Information Service offers support and advice for people with cancer and their families and carers.


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