What we do

The hospital dentistry unit at Mayday Hospital provides a full range of specialist dental and surgical services including oral (mouth) and maxillo-facial (jaw and face) surgical treatment for people with complex conditions and we are happy to see patients when they have been referred by their own dentist or doctor (GP).  

The consultants, assisted by specialist and junior dental staff, nurses and technical staff, assess the patient and provide a treatment plan which is usually carried out by the patient’s own dentist.

We cannot accept referrals from patients themselves, so please contact your own dentist in the first instance.

If you do not have a dentist phone Croydon Primary Care Trust’s PALS office on 020 8274 6333 or visit NHS Direct’s website to find out how you can register with a local NHS dentist.


This is an advanced treatment and training department. 

The department provides consultant orthodontic advice to general dental practitioners, specialist orthodontic practitioners and general medical practitioners.  It also advises the other dental specialties, oral and maxillofacial surgery and all branches of restorative dentistry.  In addition advice is provided to the medical specialties of the hospital.

The treatment provided is highly specialised and largely multi disciplinary.  The majority of patients are undergoing associated orthognathic surgery for facial deformity and/or advanced restorative procedures due to extensive hypodontia (missing teeth) or advanced dental break down in the adult (tooth surface loss and post periodontal drifting).  A small amount of orthodontic treatment is carried out on patients beyond the scope of specialist practice due to the difficulty of the therapy and/or the underlying medical condition.

Cleft lip and palate patients are managed within the department in association with the regional cleft service based at Guy’s hospital.

Who we are

The department has 2 senior specialist registrars (FTTA) linked to The Eastman dental hospital to prepare them for consultant practice.

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E-mail the administrative team

Restorative Dentistry

This service provides treatment for problems associated with the teeth and gums and includes endodontics (root treatment) crowns, bridges and dentures. Most patients will be referred by their general dental practitioner for advice and treatment plans and therefore most patients return to their dentist for the actual treatment.  Some patients who have very complex needs have part or all of their treatment provided in the hospital department by specialist staff and are then returned to the dentist for maintenance. 

Consultant A.G. Gilmour

Department of Maxillofacial Surgery

This includes mouth surgery and surgical dentistry.

Consultants M. Manisali and N. Hyde.





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