Radio Mayday

Mayday Radio LogoRadio Mayday is a charitable broadcasting service specifically for patients. It provides programmes with a mix of requests, music, news, information and sport.

Patients can call Radio Mayday for free from their bed for a request, by pressing the grey button under the # key when they lift the bedside phone receiver.

Do you have a friend or relative in Mayday hospital at the moment? Would you like to send them get well wishes via the radio? All you have to do is visit Radio Mayday's website,  fill in a simple form with

  • your name
  • their name,
  • which ward they are in
  • what day and time you would like the request
  • what record you would like to request for them
  • and that all important get well message.

Then press the send button and seconds later the request will pop up on the screen in front of the Presenter!


NHS Direct Department of Health

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