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Welcome to Mayday Healthcare’s media centre

During office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) all media enquiries should be directed to the Communications and Marketing Department on 020 8401 3627, 3313 or 3959 or you can e-mail

Outside office hours call the main switchboard on 020 8401 3000 and ask for the on-call director.They will either be able to answer your questions straight away or will take the details and contact a member of the Communications and Marketing team who will call you back.

Condition checks/individual patient stories

Please note that no information on individual patients can be given to the media without the written consent of the patient or, in some cases, their relatives. Without this consent no personal, sensitive information can be disclosed and only general comments can be made. A form is available for patients to use if they wish to give this written consent and can be requested from the Communications and Marketing Department.

Photography and filming 

Areas of our hospitals and clinics are, from time to time, photographed or filmed for a variety of purposes, including news broadcasts and locations for documentaries or dramas.

Please note that photography and filming is not allowed in some areas of the hospitals, as we have a duty to protect the security, privacy and well-being of patients, visitors and staff at all times.

Areas where filming and photography is not allowed include:

o Critical Care/ITU

o Resuscitation area in A&E

o Mortuary

o Sterile areas

o Some theatres

Consent for filming and photography must be explicitly given by everyone involved before it can take place and sufficient information must be given to all participants so they can make an informed choice. The decision to take part or refuse will be respected and will not affect a person’s care or a member of staff’s work.

No member of staff or patient should be filmed or photographed without giving their consent. Where there are any doubts about the individual’s ability to give informed consent the person should not be approached. Children under the age of 16 on Trust premises will only be filmed or photographed with the express consent of their parent or legal guardian.

Responsibility for gaining consent lies with the organisation carrying out the filming.

This is not to deter filming and photography, but to ensure it is done with the agreement and understanding of everyone involved.

If you wish to film on Trust premises please contact the communications team on 020 8401 3627 or 3959 or e-mail

Charges for commercial photography and filming

Mayday will make a charge for any filming or photography in our hospitals other than that which is to be used for news/documentary footage or for the Trust’s own purposes.

Our charges are typically £400 per hour with a minimum period of four hours, plus any extra charges that may applicable, for example for parking. All income is reinvested into services provided by the Trust.

In these cases a filming brief should be sent to the communications department to explain the purpose of the filming/photographs, highlighting who will see it, when and what are the key themes of the programme.

You will be expected to provide a copy of your public liability insurance document to the communications department before any photography or filming commences.

Hot Topics

Please see this page for information on a range of topics that are currently in the media.

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