Mayday Birth Centre

Father mother and baby birth centre 2009Women with uncomplicated pregnancies who are expecting a straightforward delivery can give birth in Mayday Birth Centre.

Delivery room birth centre 2009The centre provides midwife-led care in individual rooms, complete with bath or birthing pool, beanbags, subtle lighting and a home-like atmosphere.

Most women will be cared for by one named midwife – who they may have already met during their pregnancy.

Every effort is made to accommodate cultural and personal preferences of the women and their families.

Women can be secure in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, they can be transferred to the nearby labour ward staffed by midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists and paediatricians, and equipped with a full range of specialist facilities.

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Birth Centre Tours

A weekly tour of the birth centre takes place every Saturdays as part of the general Maternity tour.

To attend the tour please come to the antenatal clinic at 12.30pm. There is no need to book.

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