Friends of Mayday

Who are the Friends and what do they do?

They are Unpaid Volunteers

None of them receive payment for their work. They have no overheads and keep administration costs to a minimum, leaving more money with which to help the hospital

They provide vital equipment as well as comforts

Their aim is to provide comforts for patients and staff at Mayday. This might mean TVs or bedside chairs, but also many items of medical and surgical equipment such as monitors and help in a major way with ward refurbishment programmes for example funding curtains and blinds.

They visit patients

Friends run a regular trolley service, selling greeting cards and stationary. This means that patients and visitors get a chance to help their funds and also see a friendly face around the hospital. They always have time for a chat.

They raise money in all sorts of ways

Most of their income comes from donations, subscriptions and legacies as well as shop sales. they also have an annual street collection, occasional coffee mornings and raffles.

How can you find out more about them?

You can find them at their shop/appeals office in the London Rd entrance of Mayday hospital. You can call them on 020 8401 3113 or by e-mail to

NHS Direct Department of Health

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