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Patient Transport Service

Mayday want to make sure hospital transport continues to be available for those with a genuine need. We will only book transport where your medical condition makes it impossible for you to travel to and from hospital by any other means.

Hospital transport is not available for any other purpose and we cannot give lifts to family and friends.

Who qualifies for patient transport?

  • The non-emergency patient transport service is only available for patients who are unable for medical reasons to use private or public transport services for their journey to and from their NHS appointment.
  • Needing treatment does not automatically mean you have a medical need for transport.
  • A qualified health care professional will assess your medical need for transport before booking your journey. This can be a doctor, nurse, midwife or senior therapist working in the NHS. They will provide answers to these questions:
    • Do you need the care of an ambulance crew during the journey?
    • Do you need the special facilities provided by an ambulance during the journey?
    • Do you need the special skills of the ambulance crew to get you to and from the vehicle to the clinic, ward or department?
    • Would travelling independently make your condition worse?
    • Do you have any other problems which make travelling independently impossible?

If the professional answers YES to any of these questions

you qualify for patient transport



  • If your physical or emotional care cannot be provided by the ambulance crew, an escort is allowed. Examples include people who are blind, cannot communicate or need constant attention.
  • Children under 16 and people sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act are required to have an escort to accompany them at all times.

Mayday has to pay the same price for an escort as they do for a patient. 


Please Note

  • The patient transport (non–emergency transport) service is managed independently from the Accident and Emergency Service.
  • The 999 service is not affected by these guidelines.


NHS Direct Department of Health

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