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Leaving Hospital

The staff looking after you will help you plan for when you are ready to leave hospital.  This is sometimes described as your 'discharge' home and plans for this will begin not long after you have arrived.

Don’t worry, you will not be rushed out of the hospital and will be able to stay as long as you have a medical need for the services we provide. You will be given a “discharge date” as soon as possible and, as long as you continue to recover and are well enough to travel, you will be discharged on that day. Please make sure any relatives or carers know the day you are expecting to leave hospital as they will need to arrange to collect you unless you need hospital transport. (see below)

The staff may ask you about your home and whether you have relatives or friends who will be able to support you during your recovery. They will also ask you about any help or support which you currently receive from social services or community health professionals, such as district nurses. The aim is to make sure all the services you need are in place before you leave hospital, including any extra help you may need after your illness or operation.

If you need to go to a nursing home or residential home after your stay in hospital, all the options will be discussed with you and your family before any decisions are made. For more information see Croydon Council’s website

Where possible we will arrange for you to be discharged early in the day to allow you plenty of time to get to wherever you are going.

Transport home

We want to make sure hospital transport continues to be available for those with a genuine need (see Patient Transport Service). We will only book transport where your medical condition makes it impossible for you to travel to and from hospital by any other means.

Hospital transport is not available for any other purpose and we cannot give lifts to family and friends so we ask you to arrange your own transport home wherever possible.


We ask patients and visitors not to bring valuables into hospital, but if you are admitted as an emergency you may have money or jewellery on you. If you have had anything of value put in the patient safe during your stay, don’t forget to take them home with you.


You will receive up to four weeks supply of any medicines you have been prescribed to take home with you. You will also be given leaflets telling you when and how to take the medicine and any possible side effects.

If your treatment needs to go on for longer you will have to see your own doctor (GP).


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