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Keeping Mayday Local

Mayday is currently applying to become an NHS Foundation Trust

We all want Mayday to be a success. One of the ways we can guarantee this is if we listen to and involve local people in planning NHS services. We believe that becoming a Foundation Trust will help us do this. It will ensure that decision making about Mayday stays close to the heart of the community.

How can you be more involved in Mayday?

Foundation Trusts are different because they recruit members. Members are local people who want to offer a commitment to the Trust to help ensure that we remain in touch with what local people want.  Members have the chance to vote a number of local public governors onto the Council of Governors.  In the future this body will help guide the Trust and hold the Trust Board to account.

You can register to become a member.  Membership is free, however you must live in one of the areas listed here. If you live outside these areas but have been a patient at Mayday in the last three years, you can still register for memberbship.

You can apply online here.

If you have already signed up, visit the Members section and if you interested in standing for election as a governor visit the Governors section.

Listening to your views

Between 7th February and 15th May 2008, Mayday undertook a consultation on its plans to become an NHS Foundation Trust.

A full and summary consultation document was circulated to over 10,000 local stakeholders (still available for information below).

In addition, the Trust attended fourteen wider meetings ranging from Neighbourhood Partnerships and residents associations to the Cardiac Support Group and an evening specifically for GPs.

In all, around 550 consultees were engaged at these meetings with an additional 300 engaged during a Saturday at a shopping centre in the Borough. The consultation is now closed and a report summarising the findings is available in the first issue of Accent, our members newsletter.

Full consultation document 

Summary document

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or you can e-mail us


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