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Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service

Information and support for everyone affected by cancer

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Whether you have cancer yourself, care for a friend or relative, work as a health professional or simply want to know more about cancer, our professional team are here to help you.

The Macmillan Cancer information  and Support Service has been developed as a joint venture between Macmillan Cancer, Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust, Citizens Advice Centre, South East Cancer Help Centre and people with cancer.

The information centre is designed to help make sure that anyone affected by cancer has free access to good quality information and support.

Opening hours

The centre is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 9am-5pm.

You can also access a limited range of material in the centre on Tuesday and Friday between 9am -5pm. If the centre is closed you can request information using a request form available in the lobby outside the centre or by emailing across a form (available by clicking here) to

Contact for the centre: Benny Millier is the Macmillan Cancer Centre Manager. You can contact her on: 020 8401 3000 ext. 5744 or 020 8401 3441 or email:


The Centre is situated in Nightingale House. You can find it by walking from the main entrance to the public car park, under the archway, on the left hand side.  You can see a photo of the Centre's location by clicking here.

Drop in service

You don’t need an appointment or referral to pick up some information or drop in for a chat. We are here to help every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 9am-5pm. You will find a friendly relaxed atmosphere and the time and space to share you concerns or ask questions.

You can also pick up a range of basic cancer information materials in the centre between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you can’t visit the information centre in person, we can provide you with information over the telephone, by email and by post. For more information call Benny on: 020 8401 3441 or email an information form (available by clicking here) to:

Carers support group

The Macmillan service at Mayday are looking to run a carers support group from April 2010.

For more information on the group or if you would like us to contact you about the launch of this group please send your: name, telephone number and whether we can leave a message, address, email address and also a brief note on what you would like to gain from the Support Group by email to or by post to:
Benny Millier
Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Manager
Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust
Nightingale House
530 London Road
CR7 7YE.

You can also leave your details by telephoning the center on: 020 8401 3000 ext 5744 or 020 8401 3441.

Wide range of information materials

Our services include sensitive and comprehensive information on all aspects of living with cancer including:

  • Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Investigations and treatment
  • Specific tumour site information
  • Benefits advice
  • Self help and support groups
  • Complementary therapies
  • Nutrition
  • Relationships
  • Carers and caring
  • Talking to children about cancer
  • Spiritual and psychological issues

Click here for more information on some of the services offered.

To read some comments from people who have used the Macmillan service click here.

As well as a wide range of leaflets on all types of cancer we have a range of books, audio and video tapes that are available for loan, plus access to cancer and health related websites on the internet. And we will be a happy to provide you with guidance and assistance should you need it.  Many of our information materials are also available in a number of other languages as well as in Braille and large print to meet the needs of all members of the local community.

One-to-one support

We offer confidential one-to-one support to help you identify your information and support needs and come to terms with living with cancer -as well as access to complementary therapies and professional counselling services.

We can also put you in touch with local self help and support groups or even help you to set up your own.

For more information drop into the centre or call Benny Millier, Macmillan Cancer Centre Manager on 020 8401 3441. 

To find out more about Macmillan or become a volunteer, visit their website


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