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Occupational Therapy

What we do

Occupational Therapy (OT) provides acute care for in-patients and outpatients at Mayday Hospital.

They will look at issues such as mobility, wheelchair use, stairs (in conjunction with the physiotherapist), personal care and domestic tasks. The OT advises patients on alternative techniques and ways to promote independence.

A home assessment may be carried out with the patient if required. The OT can supply basic aids to improve independence and safety and recommend adaptations to the home. For complicated adaptations in the home, a referral will be made to the Community OT Team. The Occupational Therapist will also liaise with Social Services to request assistance if this is necessary.

The Occupational Therapy Services department at Mayday has been awarded the Charter Mark quality standard for two years running


The OT department helps to educate OT students by giving them supervised practical experience in the treatment and care of patients. We hope that you will be happy to allow students to learn from your treatment by being involved in your care. If you do not wish students to be involved at any stage, then you have every right to say so and you should inform your OT. Your care will not be affected in any way by your decision.

Where we are

The OT department is in the Woodcroft Wing at Mayday University Hospital


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