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Your personal information

If you are a patient of Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust, we must collect information to make sure we provide the best treatment and care for you, when you come to one of the Trust’s hospitals or one of our community-based clinics as one of the following:

  • an outpatient (attending a clinic)
  • an inpatient (for an operation or tests)
  • an emergency (through the Accident and Emergency department)
  • a patient seen in your own home (by a doctor, health visitor, district nurse, midwife etc).

During your treatment we will ask you questions about yourself, your GP and your next-of-kin or emergency contact. We will also ask you about your past and present medical problems and treatments. We keep this information in case you ever come to the hospital again.

Who else may see my records?

Information about you will always be kept confidential. It may only be used by staff who need to see your records because they are involved in your treatment and care.

The people involved in your care could include doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians and hospital administrative staff. All staff have to follow strict rules about confidentiality.

Sometimes your care may be provided by other organisations outside this Trust. To make sure you receive the most suitable care, we may share information about you.

We will carefully check out any request for your details and only pass on information if there is a genuine “need to know”. Most of the time, we will only pass on information to others if you know about it and agree. You have a legal right to refuse but we strongly recommend that you allow us to share your information, as this will make sure the best care is available to you.

The law says that anyone who receives information from us also has to keep it confidential.

What will you tell my friends and family?

If you are in hospital as an inpatient your relatives, friends, neighbours and other colleagues may ask us about your health and progress. We will normally tell them very little about you.

If you give us permission, we can give out more details about your progress in person. You may wish to choose one relative or friend for us to tell, so that this person can pass on your news to others. We will not tell them about your illness or test results without your permission.

If you are unconscious or unable to respond we will speak to your next-of-kin. We will not give detailed information over the telephone.

How can I see my health records?

The Data Protection Act 1998 says you may see all information we hold about you.

If you wish to see your records, please contact our Information Governance team. You will be sent a form to fill in so we can find the information you need. We will also send you some information about what happens next.

We will make a charge for giving you copies of your information. This is explained in the information leaflet we will send you.

By law, on rare occasions, we have to pass on information about you to agencies such as the Department of Health or other authorities. In most cases the patient is consulted first. The information we pass is not always anonymised.  We also share information with other healthcare professionals outside of the hospital including District Nurses, Health Visitors, GPs etc.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to know more about how we use your information, please ask to speak to the consultant in charge of your care.

Alternatively the Trust has a Caldicott Guardian, a senior clinician responsible for matters of patient confidentiality. We also have an Information Governance team which deals with requests for copies of medical records and advises on data protection and other confidentiality issues.

Please send any queries for either the Information Governance Team or Caldicott Guardian to:

Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust
530 London Road
Surrey  CR7 7YE

Tel:   020 8401 3475


Please be aware that the content of emails to this address may not be secure as messages can be intercepted. Any information transmitted to this address is transmitted at your own risk.



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