Aims, targets and achievements

The Trust has a wide range of strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reports available on request.

Some of the more frequently requested reports are available below.

Annual Reports

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Annual Audit letter 2007 - 2008

Annual Business Plan

Information to follow

Aims and objectives

Trust Objectives and Goals 2009 - 2010

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More details on these objectives and goals and progress towards their achievement are reported to the Trust Board regularly. See About us, Trust Board meetings and papers for details.

Performance reports

The executive performance report outlines the Trust's progress against a range of national and local "Key Performance Indicators" (known as KPIs). The monthly report is available at every Trust Board meeting.

A monthly Patient Safety and Quality report is also tabled every month at the Board and this includes information on infection control rates and related issues which directly affect our patients' experience.

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Reports and enquiries

Annual Healthcheck

Mayday has been rated "Good" for both Quality of Services and Use of Resources in the Annual Healthcheck for 2009. click here. 

Since 2005, all NHS trusts carry out an annual self-assessment to demonstrate that the Standards for Better Health are being met, both to patients and to the Care Quality Commission – the national body that promotes improvements in the quality of health care and public health in England.

Click here for Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust's declaration of compliance for the 2008/2009 year.

The Care Quality Commission will publish the results of the 08/09 Annual Healthcheck in the autumn of 2009.

Other reports

Hygiene Code inspection report February 2010

Patient Surveys

The results of the 2008 in-patient survey were published by the Care Quality Commission on 13 May 2009.

The out-patient survey 2009 was published CQC on 25 February 2010

Click here to see all the Trust's results on the CQC website

Annual NHS Staff survey

Staff survey 2008

Staff survey 2007

National Patient Safety Agency

Incident reporting March 2009

NHS Direct Department of Health

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