Financial and funding information

The Trust Annual Reports include a Financial Review, Summary Financial Statements (which provide a summary of the full accounts for each financial year, and also reflect the fully audited position) and salary and pension entitlements of senior managers. Further details of staff and board members’s allowances and expenses may be obtained by emailing the Trust’s Freedom of Information Officer

Click here for Standing Orders, Reservations of Delegated Powers and Standing Financial Instructions.

Annual Accounts 2008 - 2009

Audit Commission's Annual Governance Report

Annual Audit letter

Staff pay and grading structures

All staff salaries are determined by the the NHS Agenda for Change programme. Full details of pay, grading structures and terms and conditions can be found online at:

Funding (including endowment funds)

All information relating to how Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust is funded will be made available on request. However, some of this information is already in the public domain and can be found in the Annual Reports.

Asset registers

Full details available on request by e-mailing

Gifts and Hospitality

Register 2007 - 2008

Services for which the Trust is entitled to recover a fee

These include:

Private patients

Mayday does not have a dedicated private patient facility, but some privately funded care is delivered

The current private patient tariff is available on request . The tariff for insurers is set by the insurer themselves and is not fixed by the Trust.

Overseas visitors are charged at the national tariff

Prescriptions are charged at the national tariff

Copies of medical records and X-rays

Click here for details

Fertility treatment which is not funded by a Primary Care Trust. 

Click here for details

Lost hearing aids

Between £50 and £150 depending on the supplier

Occupational health tests

Click here for details

Procurement and tendering procedures

The Trust's purchasing and procurement is undertaken internally with the intention of providing us with a fully managed procurement service by placing orders from suppliers who offer the best value for money and prompt delivery.

Whenever possible we use suppliers approved by the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (PASA) - see for further information.

The NHS, in common with other public sector organisations and government departments, must meet the requirements of EU public procurement directives which ensure open and fair competition. Under these directives, we must advertise all contracts with a value over £100,410 (for supplies and services) or £3,861,932 (for works) in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ). These adverts enable you to express an interest in the majority of national contracts.

OJ is issued daily. To subscribe, contact the Stationery Office on 0870 600 5522 or visit the online version at

Tendering for contracts with the NHS is also subject to EU regulations and there are three types of tender procedure available to buyers:

  • The Open Procedure
  • The Restricted Procedure
  • The Negotiated Procedure

More information can be found at

The Trust uses standard NHS Terms and Conditions when dealing with all suppliers. These vary depending on the nature of the contract involved. A comprehensive list can be viewed at

List of major suppliers March 2009

Details of contracts currently being tendered

Details of contracts currently available, including OJEC adverts, are available on request by emailing the Trust at:

Contracts awarded and their value

Details of contracts awarded and their value can be obtained on request by contacting the Trust’s Freedom of Information Officer -

These are also reported in the public Board meetings

NHS Direct Department of Health

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