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A Trust is a self-governing public organisation with its own board of directors who are expected to define policies on the strategic direction of the Trust and translate national guidance into local plans.

The Trust Board sets the direction for the Trust's activities. The Board aims to monitor and improve the quality of care for patients, maintain financial stability and probity, meet national and local performance targets, ensure a safe and secure environment for staff, visitors and patients, agree with partner organisations, priorities for investment and maintain an open, efficient, caring culture. The Board also ensures that the executive carries out the agreed strategy and that they use available resources to achieve this.

The Board Chairman is accountable for leading the Board and delivering, through the Chief Executive, the functions of the hospital. The Chairman represents the Trust to other organisations, including higher levels of management within the NHS, and maintains close contact with local MPs, councillors, neighbouring trusts and local voluntary organizations. The Chairman is appointed by the Secretary of State for Health for a term of four years, as are Non-Executive Directors.

Non-executive Directors are the independent directors on the Board and are not involved in the day-to-day operational management of the hospital. Their function is to offer an objective, detached view and to hold the executive to account by questioning proposals and decisions. Non-executive Directors are appointed from a wide range of backgrounds to offer a broad perspective.

Executive Directors hold management positions within the Trust and their function is to carry out decisions made by the Trust Board. They contribute to the strategic vision agreed by the board and translate this strategic vision into operational reality.

Members of the Trust Board are listed here

Mayday's current organisational structure is available here

Finance information and IT structure is here

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