Maternity Services at Mayday

Midwife mother and baby 2009Welcome to Mayday’s Maternity Services. Giving birth to your baby is one of the most momentous events of your life.

Mayday’s midwives work in the hospital and in the community to provide an integrated service to women before, during and after labour.

We aim to support women to give birth where they want and how they want, taking into account their cultural and religious background along with their health status.

Where can I have my baby?

Women who register with Mayday Maternity Services can choose to have their baby in any of the following:

Mayday's Labour Ward

Mayday Birth Centre

Home Birth

Read the Choices in place of birth leaflet to help you decide where you would like to have your baby.

How do I choose to have my baby at Mayday ?

You can book to have your baby with us directly (see below) or through your GP.

We aim to inform you of your first antenatal appointment (known as 'booking') within a week of hearing directly from you or within two weeks of you seeing your GP.

In most cases, antenatal care is shared between our midwives and your GP. This is known as shared care.

If there are complications in pregnancy, care will be shared between our midwives and obstetricians . This is known as full care.

What if I have already had a baby by caesarean?

If you have had one or more babies by caesarean you may feel understandably anxious about trying for a natural delivery. 

If you have concerns please mention them to your GP, community midwife or when booking directly with Mayday as we have a dedicated clinic every Thursday afternoon to support women in these circumstances. 

Women who have a clear wish to try a natural delivery after caesarean do not need to attend this clinic but can attend the usual antenatal clinics where they will receive appropriate support and advice. 

Booking direct

If you would like to book directly with a midwife then please complete a referral form and e-mail it to Sue Stock Clinical Midwifery Manager (Antenatal Clinic, Community and Birth Centre). She will forward it to the team of midwives for your area.

Tour of Mayday Maternity Unit

A weekly tour of the Maternity Unit takes place every Saturday and lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

To attend the tour please come to the antenatal clinic at 12.30pm. There is no need to book.

MRSA Screening

MRSA infections in maternity units are very uncommon because the majority of women giving birth are young and fit. However from April 1st 2009, Mayday will be screening the following women as a precaution:

  • Women who are planning to give birth by planned caesarean section
  • Women who give birth by emergency caesarean section
  • Women who are particularly at risk of having a baby who may need care in the neonatal unit

MRSA maternity screening leaflet

More information on Infection Control

More information

Pregnant women, their partners and families will have many questions about their care during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

When you first see a midwife, you will be given a Bounty Pack which contains useful information including Your Maternity Guide 2008-2009.

When you receive your screening appointment, you should also receive a copy of Screening Tests for You and Your Baby. If you do not receive either of these, please contact the community midwives on telephone 020 8401 3171.

Please also see the information below. We will be adding to it in the coming months, so if you have anything else you would like to know please contact one of the people listed below.

Pregnancy Planner (opens in a new window)

Antenatal Care

Parent Education sessions

Breastfeeding Clinics

Having a baby by caesarean section

Vaginal birth following a caesarian section

Pain management in labour

Fetal Monitoring in labour

Undergoing induction of labour

Healthy eating and nutrition in pregnancy- group sessions December 2009 and January 2010

Vitamin K

Declining blood products

Perineal trauma

Breech presentation, external cephalic version [ECV] and delivery

Supervision of Midwifery

The Supervisors of Midwives at Mayday Hospital are a team of experienced midwives who have undertaken additional training and are appointed by the Local Supervisory Authority (LSA) they are a source of sound professional advice on all midwifery matters and are accountable to the LSA for all supervisory activities.

The aim of the Supervisors of Midwives is to safeguard and enhance the quality of care for the childbearing mother and her family.

They support and guide midwives to provide the highest standard of evidence-based midwifery care. They proactively empower and encourage midwives to support women in making their choices and to ensure maternity services are responsive to the needs of the women.

For further information visit

There is a Supervisor of Midwives on call daily who can be contacted via the hospital switchboard 0208 401 3000.

Support for parents - click here to access a leaflet on how supervision and supervisors of midwives can help you.

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Clinical Midwifery Manager (Labour Ward and in-patient services)

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Clinical Midwifery Manager (Antenatal Clinic, Community and Birth Centre)S

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